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Mekong Delta Luxury RV Jahan Cruise 5 Days - 4 Nights Start From Phnompenh to Siemreap

(Phnom Penh - Kampong Cham - Wat Hanchey- Kampong Chhnang - Tonle Sap - Siem Reap)

RV Jahan Cruise is the newest member of the Mekong River Boat Collection, and the sister of the famous Jayavarman. The new flagship The JAHAN brings river cruising on the Mekong River into a new realm. The singular touches of a luxury boutique hotel, the leisurely pace of a river cruise, and the opportunity to collect new experiences, are the signature style of Mekong River Cruise . The Jahan cruise is designed in boutique style with distinctive British Indian colonial theme, largest balcony staterooms on Indo-china’s waterways 30—50m2.

Tour type
Group Tour
Price from
1,349 USD ~ 1,549 USD

Phnom Penh - Siemreap 5 Days by The Jahan Cruise Highlights:

• Best of rural Cambodia in 5 day trip - you will have chance to see green landscapes, ancient temples and smiling faces - all off the beaten track. 5 days/4 nights “Serenity Cruise” Phnom Penh – Siem Reap is the best of rural Cambodia, off the beaten track.

• Further discover the culture and history of Cambodia

•  Visit the Royal Palace and the Silver Pagoda in the royal capital Phnom Penh

•  Embark on a land journey to the pre-Angkorian temple of Wat Hanchey

•  Khmer craft at the National Museum in Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh - Siem Reap 5 days cruise brief Itinerary:

Day 1: Phnom Penh 
Meals: lunch/ dinner
Acommodation: the Jahan Cruise

Day 2: Phnom Penh - Kampong Cham 
Meals: Breakfast/ lunch/ dinner
Acommodation: the Jahan Cruise

Day 3: Kampong Cham - Wat Hanchey 
Meals: Breakfast/ lunch/ dinner
Acommodation: the Jahan Cruise

Day 4: Kampong Cham - Kampong Chhnang 
Meals: Breakfast/ lunch/ dinner
Acommodation: the Jahan Cruise

Day 5: Tonle Sap - Siem Reap 
Meals: Breakfast
Acommodation: the Jahan Cruise

Phnom Penh - Siem Reap (5 Days/4 Nights)

Day 1: Phnom Penh (lunch/dinner)
"Pearl of the East"

life onboard

Phnom Penh was once the Paris of the East. Despite its rapid development, it has retained a lot of its rustic charm and elegance.
Embark the ship at 7:30 am, then we will be captivated by a comprehensive lecture on Cambodia's modern history. This will be followed by a city tour of this dynamic, historical capital city of Cambodia which has managed to preserve huge slices of its French colonial allure. Sightseeing in the morning will include visiting the dazzling white and gold edifice of the Royal Palace and the Silver Pagoda, and witnessing exceptionally beautiful Khmer craft at the National Museum.
After lunch at a local restaurant, we will visit the Genocide museum and the Killing Field in town. Be prepared to be heart wrenched by this stark reminder of the genocide that transpired during Cambodia's Khmer Rouge regime.
We go back to the ship after our museum visit. A variety of cocktails will be served followed by a traditional Apsara dance performance onboard. Experience the brilliance and richness of this culture, the soothing sounds of traditional music, the calming scent of incense sticks and a barbeque on the sundeck. It is indeed a truly marvelous experience, dining in the open with the stars and the moon as our companions.
Overnight on the RV Jahan Cruise

Day 2: Phnom Penh - Kampong Cham (breakfast/lunch/dinner)
"Along the Mekong"

We will depart before the break of dawn from Phnom Penh with a stop at the little known Chong Koh silk weaving village. We will then return to the ship and will cruise past the Mekong's tranquil villages, exhilirating river life and sun-hardened fishermen on their make shift boats.
We will tour the rural Angkor Ban village where time stood still. We are transported back a hundred years into an era unsullified by modernity. The houses here are truly rustic, made by hand and without any concrete. But most of all, we feel overwhelmed by the unbridled warmth of the villagers.
Travelers can take part in the daily activities of the villagers to experience village life first hand. Then, we are back to the Ship to cruise towards Kampong Cham.
Overnight on the RV Jahan Cruise in Kampong Cham.

Day 3: Kampong Cham - Wat Hanchey (breakfast/lunch/dinner)
"Cambodia's quaint province and the wetlands"

Downstream sr-sg

We will wake up in the small hours of the morning, truly energized to embark on a land journey to the pre-Angkorian temple of Wat Hanchey. Travelers either take a motor-taxi or climb the 291 steps to the top. Located at the top of a hill overlooking the river, it offers one of the most breath-taking views in Cambodia. Built in the 8th century, this ancient structure, together with a bigger and newer addition underscores the superb architecture of the Chenla Empire which predates the mighty Angkor temple complex. We even get to engage in light banter with some of the monks in the area. We will return to the ship to witness a blessing ceremony performed by orange-clad local monks.

When the tide allows, we will enjoy a surprise sojourn in our zodiacs (inflatable boats) to the nearby beach to swim in the tea-coloured Mekong river, an experience that will, no doubt, dominate dinner conversations in the weeks to come.
We wil then cruise towards Kampong Cham to visit Wat Nokor, a wat built within the ruins of an ancient temple which holds a timeless story. On the way back to the ship, we will visit an orphanage. Along the way, we will have to maneuver a 2-kilometer rickety bamboo bridge. Our sense of balance lies in the balance !
Overnight cruise to Kampong Chnnang.

Day 4: Kampong Cham - Kampong Chhnang (breakfast/lunch/dinner)

Before the sun peeks over the horizon, the cruiser sets sail towards Kampong Chhnang on the Tonle Sap River - an amazingly narrow river - which glides through leafy swaths of the Southeast Asian jungle. We are greeted by cacophonous children who waive enthusiastically early in the morning when they bring their livestock for a bath in the meandering Tonle Sap River.
Then we approach Kampong Chhnang, Cambodia's 'waterworld' where everything is on stilts balanced on rich water rich soil- it's an awesome sight whilst practising Tai Chi on the deck.
Here we take a motorboat excursion to the landing, followed by a short bus trip to the town's specialty - Khmer-styled pottery at the Aundaung Russey village. Then, it is back to the river for an adventurous motorboat excursion to the wetlands, floating houses and fish farms in the region.
We then return to the ship for lunch whilst cruising the narrow and meandering Tonle Sap.
The water level rises and drops considerably throughout the year. Thus, our journey begins in high or low water after lunch.
Your floating sanctuary will then cruise gently, in the afternoon, along the narrow and meandering Tonle Sap. In the evening, a sumptious spread will be served. And for the big surprise - bring along your dance shoes and learn to jiggle the Cambodian way with our staff doubling up as dance instructors. (If you can't dance, do not fret. Neither can our staff)

Day 5: Tonle Sap - Siem Reap (breakfast)
"Angkor Awaits"

life on water

This great lake dominates Cambodia and is the largest freshwater lake in Asia with abundant birdlife. This lake is so wide that one cannot see its shores from the middle of the lake.

Enjoy the stillness of the water and the quiet tranquility on the way to Siem Reap.
The water level varies a great deal according to the time of the year and the amount of rainfall recorded. Thus, minor changes to the itinerary may occur during different seasons.
Our cruise aboard our Heritage Line cruise liner comes to an end as we reach this city of the fabled Angkor temple complex. We bid farewell to the cruise as our journey comes to a close. But the memories - and the friendships made on board - linger on for a lot longer.
We will cross the Tonle Sap Lake at dawn and at 9:00 am, we will disembark at the Siem Reap Port for onward coach transfer to the drop off point in town.


- A hat & sunscreen

- Passport 

- Appropriate clothing for the season

- Comfortable walking shoes/ clothes


Cruise itinerary and schedule are subject to change due to weather, tide levels and operating conditions.

Advance registration is required with full name, date of birth, nationality, gender, passport number and visa expiry date for all passengers. A valid passport is required upon check-in. Otherwise, boarding may be denied by port authority.


Fortnightly Saturday departures from Saigon bound to Siem Reap (upstream and downstream). Rates include accommodation, full board, all excursions, entrance fee and transportation.


    • We would offer big promotion for any departure (up to 10% off) for early and last minute booking. Please contact us for detail.

   • Rate does not include port tax of US$65/person in Phnom Penh.

5 days/4nights: “Pearl of the Orient” Saigon Port (SGN) - Phnom Penh (PNH) v.v.

The 5 day cruise “Pearl of the Orient” for the cruise aficionados with less time at their hands connecting the Pearl of the Orient with Paris of the East giving you some awe inspiring moments underway, deep in the Mekong Delta.
















































Quotation: US$/Double or Twin cabin (note*: rates vary depending on departure date - please contact us for details


Phnom Penh - Siemreap 5 Days by The Jahan Cruise Inclusions:


• Entrance fees


•Tour guide services(English speaking)

•Taxes, fuel, pilots, port dues, All Meals on boat - full board Welcome and farewell diner, mineral water, coffee and tea during breakfast

• Transfers in Saigon and Siem Reap from/to the meeting point to/from embarkation/disembarkation point or vice versa are included


• Phnom Penh port taxes per passenger of US$ 65 levied by the Cambodian Port authority.

• Gratuities (US$ 5.00 passenger/day are recommended)


• Visa (cost for Cambodia visa is US$30.00 and fuel surcharges if any. Peak season surcharge: + US$ 150 per person for the New Years Eve and Christmas (24 Dec,31 Dec)

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