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Our company was established  at the beginning of 2012 by Mr Chu Thanh Tuyen (Mr .Tony ) and Mr .Chu van Tung (Mr.Peter).Mr Tony  - He has more than 6 years experienced working in special in English speaking guide and He has more than 3 years  special in organizing  tours for travelers from all over the world ,he has very good relationship with a lot of different tourists and  companies in his country and other country during the time he working .  so with our knowledges and his  experiences  , we have enough belief to service different tourists from all over the world .From the time we open our own company , we always try to become a trusted address and make our tourists enjoy our tours , we also often to research some thing is new to make a new tour which different  to other companies  in Viet nam . In fact we already have  some kind of tour which other companies doesn’t have , that’s why  we  have  more and more tourist  decided book our tours . On behalf of our company , I want to thank to all tourists and companies who already  put belief to us and help us to develop our company more and more bigger and stronger . In the future with purpose ‘’bring  the world to you and give you more than your expectancy ‘’, we will Promise and practise exactly what we said , we will let you touch and feeling our tours . we will always  try our best to service you . we  are always think that. Today maybe we haven’t know together,but tomorrow we will know and be become to the best friends ,we always hope and expect  you will help us to recomend our company to every tourists on the world who want to travel in Viet nam and on over the world . we are very happy and honourable to service you.

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